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I do commissions!
If you're interested in working with me, you can contact me by email ( or through DA notes.
Below is a convenient list of options to choose from, but if you have something not listed in mind feel free to contact me explaining your idea!

Priced in USD/
Paypal preferred/
You must pay upfront/
I may choose to decline an offer/

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Limited Palette
+$10 /per Xtra char.

Basic drawing of your character(s) with the cool limited palette edge. No BG (transparent or fill). Fullbody by default.

+$10 /per Xtra char.

A medium draw much like a full piece, but with lighter details. Simple background by default. Amount of body included is composition-dependant (as much as you like).

+$25 /per Xtra char.
+$30 /Detailed BG.

Probably what you're here for.
A full size scene with you character(s), limited palette. Simple background by default, details added optionally. Amount of body included is composition-dependant (as much as you like).


Portrait-like drawing. Only one character. Minimal BG.

+$35 /per Xtra char.

Fully rendered character art. Grounded in some background details. Cost varies by complexity.


Affordable & flashy avvie-like headshot. One character. No BG (transparent or fill).


Pagedoll-like fullbody of your character in the fancy flatcolor style. No BG (transparent or fill).


Pricing of animation varies widely depending on quality and duration. Please contact me with your idea (big or small) so we can discuss it!

What do you imagine?
Factors to consider:

Character design & complexity/
Fluidity & frame rate/
Lighting & shading/
Additional background art/
Overarching style/

YCH Options

Alternatively to completely custom animations, get your character worked in to a pre-made linework!

General rules:

Open YCHs are listed, closed ones are removed from list.

Regardless of base species, I'll take just about any character that can be worked into the lines. Please send your reference first so I see that it is acceptable.

Payment accepted in DA points or Paypal.

Once you get your gif/images you can do whatever you like with them (show them to your friends, stick them in a video, post them, ... )

Don't claim you made the art. However, credit is appreciated but not required.

Unless I say otherwise at the start your YCH should be done in under a week.

Some available options below;

4/ Halo

Open 2021 on/

3/ Over Water

Open 2020 on/

2/ Lightingstorm

Open 2020 on/

1/ Dragonfire

Open 2020 on/